Soapbox second: It’s ok to be single!

You can’t do this in your bed when in a relationship….

It seems like you can’t go anywhere these days without someone complaining about being single, and I blame this epidemic on social networking sites, Facebook in particular. Back in the days before social networking sites, relationships were somewhat private, you knew if people were dating if you saw them around and that was it! Nowadays, we have to see people’s relationships right in front of our faces on Facebook and they always look ”perfect” and ”amazing” and they’re always declaring love for one another, well guess what? Most of the couples I know on Facebook have loads of problems, but that part of the relationship isn’t put on Facebook, only the good bits; this gives everyone unrealistic expectations of relationships

Most ”Happy” Facebook couples in real life.

Then there’s Twitter where if someone isn’t complaining about being single then you have those Twitter accounts that tweet ”inspirational” quotes such as ”A REAL BOYFRIEND:loves her, spoils her, wine her, dine her, kiss her, wife her, appreciate all of her, respect her, and makes her happy” – blah blah blah and other such demanding and unrealistic expectations. THEN when you escape Twitter, you log into tumblr and get this ”forever alone” pictures on unrequited love quotes, and you realise it’s NO WONDER young people get hung up on relationships when these ideal relationships that are impossible to attain but are promoted as possible, or this idea if you’re single then you’re lonely and miserable are constantly thrust in our faces.

Tumblr photos: making people cry about being single since 2007.

It’s completely natural to think ”I wish I had someone special” but let’s face it, these moments usually come when you’re alone in bed and can’t sleep, and you just want someone to talk to/cuddle. However, to put such emphasis on relationships especially at our age is kind of weird if you think about it. If I look back on the person I was a year or even six months ago, I was in a completely different place mentally and emotionally, I’m at a point where I’m still learning who I am, what I want to achieve, what I want from life and learning from previous mistakes I’ve made; it’s likely in another six months I’ll be different to to the person I am now.Of course, it’s not impossible for me to have a relationship AND figure out who I am, but at the moment I’m fine working on myself, I’m currently feeling happy and the most positive I’ve felt about life in quite a long time, and I want to carry on working on this mind set that I’ve achieved. I’ve seen enough unhealthy relationships to know how much they can change a person beyond recognition, and I’m just starting to change into the person I’ve always wanted to be. If I get into a relationship – great, but at the moment I’m my main priority.

How I currently feel about life.

People our age need to get off facebook, stop watching Disney films and start living their life, and making it the best one they have. Sure if you’re still single at forty then you can complain, but for those still in their teens/early twenties, it’s really not a big deal.  If you meet someone you really like then I’m not saying DON’T get into a relationship with them, because that’s dumb. What I am saying is that focus on the things in your life that you have and not the one thing you don’t.


4 thoughts on “Soapbox second: It’s ok to be single!

  1. This applies to every age and thank you for reminding me of that. I stalked the crap out of your blog yesterday when I stumbled across it and I like what I’m reading and your sense of humor. Keep up the good work.

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