Allow me to break character.


My face when I saw I’d been picked.

Those of you who have me on facebook will have probably seen my overexcited status, and the same applies to those following me on Twitter, but I’d like to formally announce it on here, because the blog helped me get the place.

I received an email this afternoon which was a reply to a position of a writer that I’d applied for. Basically it’s an all expenses paid trip to Edinburgh where I in return I view performers at the Fringe Festival and then write reviews; I’ll also be attending workshops given by writers and journalists!. I genuinely didn’t think I’d get it as they only had ten spaces available and apparently there were a lot of applicants, so I was completely stunned when I saw I’d gotten the place.

This has been a fantastic end to my week and I’m still in shock that my writing abilities got me onto such a place! I’m also heading to Manchester in July to attend a journalism workshop hosted by the national council for the training of journalists (NJTC). I think it’s safe to say that I shall be pursuing the career of a journalist from now on! 🙂


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