The seven stereotypes feminists fall under:

Ahhhh feminists, no girl wants to admit they are one, we’d rather be shackled to the kitchen with a frying pan in one hand and a broom in the other. Why?  Feminists have a bad rep, just like men who are unfortunate enough to drive a white van. Consequently, I’ve complied a short list of the most common stereotypes of feminists in the vain hope of challenging them, and making you realise how silly they really are! Failing that, I hope to raise a few smiles.

1)    The Lesbian

ImageGrinding your female friends makes you no more of a lesbian than being a feminist does.

This is the most common misconception of feminists is that they are all lesbians, and it’s not the hot kind of lesbian that males all secretly dream of, but the more butch ones who have short hair, bench press boxers for breakfast and never wear things such as skirts or dresses. The idea feminists are lesbians is borne from the idea that feminists hate men; want to eradicate the male race by only having sex with women whilst dressing  like a man. Obviously, this is an amazingly ignorant view of not only feminists but also lesbians, but it’s the sad truth, if you say you are a feminist then people will think you like….eating in.


2)    The militant feminist


This woman believes men are mutants

The militant feminist is usually older and she’s usually straight, but hates men so much that she’s been single since before Trevor McDonald was born so might as well be a lesbian. This type of feminist is not averse to skirts and dresses like the lesbian, but she wears them at strictly ankle length so she’s not objectified IN ANY POSSIBLE WAY. The militant feminist is infamous for shouting ‘’SEXISM’’ at baffled and slightly frightened men who hold the door open for them or offer them a seat, and who do this out of a goodwill and not because they expect to get inside the militant feminists (most probably) greying knickers.

3)    The ‘’Slut’’


 The Geordie Shore girls flying the flag for feminism

As much as I despise the word ‘’slut’’ and its counterparts (slag, whore etc)  one cannot ignore the rise the branding of this type of feminist. They belong to the younger generation and the majority of them resemble the creatures off Geordie shore i.e orange skin, huge heels and boobs and ass on display. In fact, just watch an episode of ‘’Geordie Shore’’ and you’ll see exactly what I mean. This type of feminist has no shame i.e she’ll have sex on national television, and thinks she’s a ‘’lad’’ when in reality she’s destroying everything feminism stands for in the space of thirty seconds.  She’ll equate being a feminist for being amazingly classless and it’s most likely she’ll hold up Katie Price as her feminist role model because she’s really rich.


4)    The High Flier

You know that really ambitious girl in school who was really smart and had no time for anything but work, well this is what she grew up into. She’ll most likely be thirty, single and living in the city with a high paying job; she’ll wear suits and have her hair in a bun even if she’s getting some milk from tescos on a Sunday morning, and she’s ruthless. This type of feminist believes women have the right to equal pay and that women can do just as good a job as men, if not better, but she doesn’t believe in choice. If your goal in life is to settle down with a husband and have kids then this woman would only reverse over you if she hit you with her car. The high flier believes you’re only a feminist if you’re conquering the world, in stilettos and a suit, of course.


5)    The Academic feminist


 Hermione Granger: Academic feminist in training

The academic feminist can be either straight or gay, but she’ll be a university professor who usually has a penchant for jumpers and high waisted trousers. This type of feminist is scary, not because she’s particularly rabid in anyway, but because she’s so clever – she’s like the militant feminists quieter and more deadly sister. She’ll spend hours pouring in the library pouring over literature to see how women have been oppressed in the 16th century, or if she’s a scientist she’ll be trying to ruin the lives of men everywhere by finding a way for women to become pregnant without the help of a man.

6)    The Strong Independent Black woman who ‘’don’t need no man’’


She don’t need no man

This is arguably the most comical feminist stereotype. The strong independent black woman prides herself on being self sufficient and sees the male sex as beneath her. She’s infamous for having an abundance of self confidence and if a man ever dared insult her, i.e call her fat then she’d simply say ‘’My body is too bootylicious for you babe’’. Although the strong independent black woman wouldn’t identify herself as a feminist, she’s so pro women and anti men that she’s simply a feminist who doesn’t know it yet.


7)    The liberal


 If only all feminists looked like her

The liberal feminist is the term for those brave girls who admit they are a feminist, but say they are liberal to avoid being confused with any of the stereotypes above. The liberal likes men, enjoys sex, probably agrees with porn and wears skirts without believing she is making herself a sexual object. In fact, the liberal feminist is something that the vast majority of the female population are, they just don’t admit it because they don’t want people to think they’re a lesbian.


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