To Reality With A Bump.

With the recent influx of new mothers in the world of Hollywood, there has of course been an emergence of a new trend. Instead of it being something bemusing and a little tasteless such as…. I don’t know, a maternity crop top decorated with tassels and bells, it is something that is a little more dangerous – high heels. Stars of Hollywood such as Victoria Beckham and Beyonce wore their heels religiously through their pregnancies, and made it look effortless. However, this week Kourtney Kardashian who is currently pregnant almost took a tumble in her sky scrapers, and it made me  wonder why any woman would risk falling and harming her baby for the sake of fashion.


Of course for celebrities, being glam is a lifestyle but I can’t help but think they could hang up the Louboutins whilst they’re carrying another human being. I don’t know much about being pregnant, but I do know that after just a couple of drinks that I have to pay special attention to where I’m placing my feet when they are encased in a pair of heels. Surely, walking around with a bump AND heels is even more difficult? Hollywood is renowned for being removed for reality, but if one of these pregnant celebs takes a tumble then the reality is, she could seriously injure not only herself, but her unborn baby.


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