A Brick Of A Storm

A Brick Of A Storm:

Samantha Brick: the woman best known for working the entire of the Daily Mail’s readership into a complete and utter frenzy. How? Well if you aren’t an avid reader of the Mail’s showbiz and femail online section like me (it’s my guilty pleasure), then the one woman trolling machine may have bypassed you.

Samantha Brick wrote an online article which focussed on how other females hated her because she was so beautiful, and how men fall over themselves to park her car and randomly give her flowers – or something to that effect. Basically, Brick feels as if her beauty puts her at a disadvantage because no woman wants to befriend her and thus she gets treated unfairly i.e in the workplace.

This may be a valid and pressing issue! I hear you cry. Well, unfortunately for Brick she made the mistake of possessing a rather i.e massively….inflated view of her looks and the commentators on the online print of the article were more than happy to point this out. It kind of felt like watching a lamb being placed amongst a pack of wolves, you know exactly what’s going to happen,and all you want to shout is ”run!”.  Brick has been called ‘’average looking’’ to being the receiver of more offensive insults such as a ‘’3 out of ten looking porn star’’ to having a ‘’pot belly, short thick legs, a weak chin and high forehead’’. Yes, Brick’s article did reek a little too strongly of narcissim, but really, did she deserve to be slammed the way she was?

We live in a world where one of the most offensive things you can call a woman is ‘’fat’’. Indeed some girls would rather be called stupid than fat – that’s weird. Isn’t it? The fact is, there is a pressure to look good, but the pressure to be intelligent and cultured is almost none exitent. Celebrities don’t have feature articles in magazines about how they they are writing a novel influenced by our corrupt post modern society whilst  listening to the works of Morzart, it’s about how they got their bikini body. When did we start caring so much about other people’s looks?

So, my point is, yes Samantha Brick may be vain and deluded (although that’s a subjective view point), but does it really matter? Looks are only skin deep. She isn’t killing kittens or advocating the return of slavery, she’s simply saying ‘’Hey! I think I’m pretty damn fine!’’ and she’s perfectly entitled to think that. Why does it matter if her ego is inflated? Aren’t there more pressing things in the world that require or condemnation?

It’s worth noting that in response to all the negative criticism she received, Brick’s wrote another article basically saying, ‘’I was right, you’re all jealous and I’m beautiful’’ an unapologetic and defiant response. I can’t help but think, even though Brick was being entirely sincere, she successfully managed to troll the entire of the Mail’s readership.


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